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Налетай, подешевело!
http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5053827, 21.3 GiB

This is a copy of the TPB index.
I crawled their index and since I don't have the hardware necessary to deploy it to the public, I have decided to release the database.
Remember that all torrents from TPB now have the new tracker openbittorrent.com included, so they will continue to track even after the TPB tracker shuts down.
I have included the program I made to crawl the index, and a mockup website that can read the database.
The database itself is an sqlite3 database.

The index has 873671 torrents, ranging from id 3211594 to 5051940 (2009-08-13).
I only got 873671 torrents, but according to the website the tracker tracks over 2 million torrents.
The discrepancy is most likely due to many torrent files including the TPB tracker but has not been uploaded to the web site.

All my code is in the public domain. Do whatever you want with it!
I have included a public key in case I ever want to claim credit.

/tpb.db - The database (22а855а875а584 bytes).
/tpbspider.7z - The program I made to copy TPB.
/htdocs.7z - The mockup website.
/lighttpd.conf - Some rewrite rules you need to use the mockup website.
/pubring.key - My public key.


Edit: Metainfo that is included is the title, category, upload date, size, rating and description of all the torrents. It does not include comments or the uploader's username.

Edit by Eliteghost: I just want to say this, if this includes all torrents then there will be some fakes,virus's etc included.This is because we cannot possibly catch everything. So please check everything before you run it and if you are not sure, find out first before you risk harming your most precious baby, your computer.

Edit 2: Guys... I already tried compressing tpb.db and it only saves 2 GB, totally not worth it. Now it's not long before it's done though. Have anyone checked out my code, and what do you think about it? :)



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